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distance Distance is defined as the amount of space between two things or people.  It has it’s way of being a blatantly obvious nagging reality.  One thing distance does not do is define my feelings for him.  It does not matter how far or close he is, I still love him the same.  We may get busy on each end of the 287 miles, but there is something constant between us.  We can always bank on the fact that I am here for him and he is there for me, always, anytime!  No amount of distance can change that.  We are on each other’s minds.  Distance has no hold on our relationship.  We aren’t defeated by it and it doesn’t win.  We have to treat it as a friend and not the enemy.  If we focus on the negatives, we let distance win.  Instead, we have to look at the strength and growth that comes from it.

The hard part is being understanding of that at times.  Understanding that distance does not change anything, it just means that physically being with him is on a temporary hold.  That’s the good part though, that’s where my hope comes from, it’s only temporary!  One sweet day I will get to be in his arms every night.

We are strong!
A long distance relationship is a growing experience in many ways.  I can imagine how much stronger we will be as a couple when this is all said and done. I honestly feel that in the end, when we have conquered distance, our relationship can survive anything.  People often try to encourage me with, “it will be worth it”.  I used to roll my eyes at this statement cause I just don’t think people understand.  Regardless, it is a true statement.  There are benefits to all of this.

I appreciate him
Distance has helped me appreciate the privilege of being in each other’s presence.  I always want to remember how distance felt so that I can always appreciate our time together. I think it’s important to value your significant other.  I know his worth in my life and what he brings to the table.  He’s amazing!  He is the man that I never thought I deserved.  He treats me like his queen!!  What girl doesn’t want that?
Every little boy needs a dependable male figure in his life.  Ayo has been the primary male for my son since he met him.  He has given us every reason to believe that he loves, cares for, and wants the best for Blaine.  When he cries, needs something fixed, gets frustrated with homework, or just wants to play, he wants Ayo.  Blaine may not understand everything, but he absolutely knows without a doubt that he is loved.

Communication is key
Ask anyone and they will tell you that good communication is important in a healthy relationship.  Distance makes this very obvious.  It bring communication to the forefront and forces you to really acknowledge it’s importance.  Without it, we are mere acquaintances.  Communication has helped us find out what we love and possibly dislike about each other.  It’s a learning process and we have come a long way.



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