V-Day 2016

Valentine’s 2016

My favorite Valentine’s day ever was in 2015.  It still gives me a warm feeling and puts a smile on my face a year later.  Hands down, it was probably my favorite day with Ayo in 2015!  Even though we weren’t together for V-day this year, he still found a way to make it special!  He took time out of his busy schedule and sent a very thoughtful gift my way.  This necklace (stethoscope and “A” for Ayo) represents the man that I admire and love.  He is a hard working man that I have the privilege to love!  The distance sucks!  If you were to ask him, he would probably tell you the overload of school work sucks too.  However, we have one common goal, and that is to support each other through it all make it to the end of this TOGETHER!

Ayo is such a blessing in my life.  Each time that I look at this necklace, it reminds me to continue praying for this amazing man that God blessed me with!  Prayer is the best gift that we can give each other.  He is definitely covered in the prayers of his woman!!
Yesterday, Facebook reminded me of how many years we have spent as each other’s valentines.  It has been a great 5 years.  For the rest of my life, he will be the only man for me on Valentine’s day and the other 364 days of the year!

5 years and counting…

In an LDR, you have to be creative and intentional about showing love to each other.  The distance creates more of a desire to show my love and appreciation to him.  We have to learn to love each other in ways that fill up each other’s love “tank”.  I enjoy learning more about Ayo and what makes him smile and then implementing that into our relationship.  I want to be the best version of myself possible to offer to this relationship.  As you can see, Ayo has never fallen short on Valentine’s day.  Honestly, before he came along, I didn’t celebrate the holiday in a romantic way.

Uniquely Cre8ted – Click here to take a peek at the creator of this beautiful necklace!

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